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The act of playing a fantasy RPG (World of Warcraft, Baldur's Gate, Fate, Etc...) with a Dwarf-based character. Usually, the potency of Dwarves causes the player to opt for a pure-melee style of play. This, more often than not, leads to the game being played for extremely long periods of time, until the Dwarf Rage (eventually) wears off. Sometimes, fatally, it doesn't.
Dude: "Did you hear about Lenny?"
Guy: "No, what happened?"
Dude: "Died of exhaustion. He played Neverwinter Nights for 50 hours straight."
Guy:"Why'd he play it for so long?"
Dude:"Dwarf Rage."
Guy:" Oh, F**K!"
by Goldo Glittergold July 03, 2010
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