Dont Worry about it Nigga
Guy: Dude you just shit yourself
Dude: Dwain
by DownLOW November 03, 2003
Top Definition
A Dwain is a unique individual. Known to be quite eccentric at times. He is also quite friendly once "he" gets to know "you". Once you are claimed as his friend you will have a friend for life. He is loving, loyal, patient, kind, understanding and always there to help (even if he is cursing under his breath). Dwain's also have a unique Hep Cat sorte of style.
Wow man, love that outfit. It's so Dwain!
by April7773 February 05, 2010
1.dwain a sick man
2. dad dies young
3.type of guy you find on nbc to cacth a predator
4.hated by many
by thore December 08, 2012
A chill dude. Very strange and mysterious. You never know what he's going to say or how he's going to react, it's always a surprise. He's confident in a way that would normally bother people but suits him well.
"Don't be sad, I'm right here."
"You're such a Dwain."

"I know, I know. It's okay."
by Apple Eyes August 03, 2012
the worst TM ever. and can be used in palce of any word.
seth: WHAT THE DWAIN?!?!?!
joe: srsly

seth: dwain is the worst tour manager of all time!
by hayyyy! February 04, 2008
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