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1. 1/2 of the Psychedelic Trance group known as Infected Mushroom.

2.God reincarnated as a man whose sole purpose in life is often to simply supervise that punk ass bitch Erez.

3. A man with a shiny bald head who might just let you wax it for a nickle.
1. Man: "Damn Infected Mushroom the sweetest trance group to ever grace the ears of humanity. Duvdev is soo the Supervisor."

2. Duvdev: "Alright Erez, time to come out of the closet and play with the synthesizers you can't have a cookie until after we finish the next track."

3. Man: "Hey Duvdev, wax your head for a nickle?"
Duvdev: "Yeah, alright...... ahh shit! Where did that punk ass bitch Erez go? I thought I told his damn genius ass to get back in the closet."

(also see Erez)
by E-Rizzy August 05, 2005
Duvdev can mean alot of things. Here are a few:

Father of Hip-Hop Psytrance
Bald ass Bitch
A full bag of Donkeyballs

Also see: End of all that's sacred and just
Duvdev is Hebrew for idiot
by Duvdev Hater May 09, 2011
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