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One who talks with great severity or directness; sever mentor
"I got mad and talked like a Dutch uncle"
by t3h z0Wn February 29, 2004
Collective term for your mom's previous and current boyfriends whom she insists you refer to as your uncles

Its likely thats many of these"uncles" will have supplied you with drugs to make you more amiable to partaking in sexual activities
"Hey dude how was your weekend?"

"Not bad man, I had a dutch uncle come over, he fed me a mound of coke and finger banged my arsehole for 24 hours straight"

dutch uncles drugs sexual abuse
by Mr Giraffe October 10, 2011
A creepy, weird, or otherwise off-color person. Someone "not quite right".
Bill: Hey, Jim. Did you go to the party last night?

Jim: Yeah, I went, but I left early because some guy was lording over my girlfriend like a Dutch uncle.
by Flying Dutch Uncle October 10, 2011
When you pick up a girl to standing 69, then drop her on her head and leave.
I said lets do something crazy and picked her up upside down. Then she farted in my face so i gave her the ol' dutch uncle.
by Howard_from_law_and_order December 30, 2009
I.O.U. ; I am in your debt, I owe you one.
Man thanks for that favor, I'm your dutch uncle
by fyis October 07, 2009
The releasing of flatulence while performing the mutual oral sex position known commonly as the '69'. Can be intentional or not. Can be simultaneous or not. Usually looked upon as 'aces' when its neither intentional nor simultaneous.
Simon: "So, like, the other day I was boning my girlfriend and we kind of like, slipped into a sixty-nine. Then I let her have it".


Simon: "I farted right in her eyes"!

Jnizzle: "Dude! You just gave her the dutch uncle! Aces!"

Simon: "Your a weirdo. I'm audi"

Jnizzle: "Fuck you Simon"
by Jnizzle2 June 22, 2010
a well sanded wooden board with a penis sized hole for masturbatory delight!
I got no play last night, so I went home and used the dutch uncle.
by RZA August 13, 2004
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