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A dutch master is primary used to roll gods greatest gift into a beautiful work of art.
Max bought a "Dutch Master" to roll the B-L-U-N-T
by RMP October 21, 2005
A Man (or Woman) who is incredibly skilled in the art of Rollin up dutches. It takes many Dutches rolled to perfection to achieve this rank. One cannot proclaim themselves the "Dutchmaster", it needs to be given to you by your peers and fellow potheads. Consider this the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a pothead.

If you think you are good enough, join my myspace group "the Dutches".
Join my myspace group "The Dutches" and I am an example. My name.....Sir JOey Mc-D......The Dutchmaster
by Joey Da Boots August 16, 2006
A brand of cigar most commonly used when hollowed out and refilled with marijuana to create a blunt.
Bro want to smoke some weed i've got a doobie
Nah man I got a phresh Dutch Master we can smoke a high class blunt.
by Swagzeplin July 10, 2015
In addition to the existing definition.

After a session of truly inspired anal coitus with an Amsterdam whore, to use ones poo soiled member to "sketch" a reproduction of a famous Rembrant or Vermeer of art on her back.
I was halfway through drawing a Dutch Master when I had to go back in for paint for my dick.
by Brown Delivers December 16, 2010
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