a more respected member of the dutch clan. dutch boy is the less respected member of the clan. the dutch man is a sworn follower of NETO THE SUPREME AND UNQUESTIONED MASTER OF THE CLAN.
holy shizzle!!!! neto is here, i better call some dutch boys so he can be better received.
by neto January 19, 2005
Top Definition
A South African term for someone who is a murderer of the english language, usually applied to the Afrikaans speaking population but can be stretched out even further to include many populations.

The Dutchman is usually a hardcore man thats tough as nails, has a terrible fashion sense and can take on 20 men at one time (in his opinion)
The King of the Dutchman: Arnold Schwarzenegger is the ultimate dutchman!!!
by Tom-e-pee June 17, 2007
A guy with a seriously big cock.
Holy shit, look at that dutch man!
by somedude October 28, 2004
a dutchman is a frik from boksburg... or even brakpan... pretoria, springs... also referred to as 1 2 3's (1 litre brandy, 2 litre coke, 3 litre enjin), clutchplate, plaasjapie, boer, frik, rockspider, koos, afrikaaner, fanie, can be compared to rednecks, hicks, hillbillies... please add salt...
steve hofmeyr is a prime example. "check that dutchman in his lekker 3 litre cortina wiff spinner hubcaps and a kief freeflow."
by ou soutpiel August 01, 2008
A person of Dutch descent
Do you know Willem Humes?

Yeah, the dutchman, right?
by What's a dutchman? January 04, 2011
Probably the greatest Junior B hockey team to ever play hockey. Based out of Kitchener, the Dutchmen are the biggest snipeshows in the league.
"Lets go Dutchmen. Dutchies in five."
by Sergant Dangles January 16, 2007
A tobacco dealer, who buys for minors ands sells to them at a much higher price.
The dutchman down the street buys chew and cigarettes for freshmen.
by Albric January 22, 2009
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