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A Dutch oven that has gone too far.
From the Daily Telegraph:
"In London today the shock news spread that Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Phillip will be filing for divorce. A spokesperson for the royals has exclusively told the Daily Telegraph that the Queen initiated the procedings after Prince Phillip gave her a Dutch surprise this morning. Prince Phillip has long been known to be a patron of the Dutch oven."
by Matt Dunk September 17, 2007
Leaving a poop in someone's bead, with them still in it, before they wake up.
I left her a Dutch Surprise. No number, just poop.
by paul-e-dangerously July 22, 2007
The act of farting on someones head while there asleep and covering it with a blanket
I gave that little bitch a dutch treat
by DOn juan July 30, 2003
An unpleasant fart which involveds farting on someone's head and covering it with a blanket.
You just earned one dutch surprise you weinerhead
by Little Lester July 20, 2003
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