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Derived from Dutch Oven, When 2 or more attractive women sit on a man's body and break wind on him. The more attractive the women and more vibrations felt from the farts the greater the arousal of the male.
Before we start our orgy we all partake in a Dutch Bath
by Mr Aviva March 18, 2009
A minimal level of personal-hygiene preparation (in advance of a night-out/date) whereby a young male will splash water onto his sweaty genital area before drying it vigorously on a communal hand-towel, in preference to having a proper shower.
After his prolonged Laire session, Steve realized he was running late but his gooch was humming, "dutch bath it is then!" he thought.
by Jonskipop March 20, 2010
A sponge bath. Usually given to bedridden hospital patients who can't get very wet.
The nurse gave me a Dutch bath.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008
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