While taking part in anal sex one individual must first acquire poopy dick. Once this has been accomplished the feces must be allowed to dry thoroughly on the aforementioned penis. After drying has occurred, the individual whom was the recipient of the anal sex then proceeds to suck the dried poopy dick until all of their crusted feces has been ingested, and preferably until penile ejaculation has transpired.
"I am not the least bit surprised that Josh finally pounded Joe's balloon knot, but I can't believe that Joe went for the Dutch Crunch."
by Charlie M. Jr. November 10, 2008
Top Definition
After dutch ovening someone you assault their face with Trail Spice
Cully: Well you're about to get dutch crunched! EAT TRAIL SPICE BITCH!
by HAMSANDWICHDICKS August 14, 2010
During the act of performing a rim job, the recipient delivers a wet fart into the face of the rimmer, bespackelling his/her face with colourful decorations of wet-fart seepage.
Last night, Todd was giving Craig a rim job but Craig surprised him with a Dutch Crunch. "Nice."
by Dr. Crunch November 22, 2006
A bread found mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a hard, crunchy, upper crust that fractures into small bits during baking as the loaf rises, leaving an interesting pattern of cracks on the top of the bread. Commonly used for sandwiches.
I broke a tooth on the Dutch Crunch at Le Boulangers.
by Domonique Dagdag September 24, 2009
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