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A sex act done in the Inkwell bathroom where the man pours and entire steaming hot Dutch Coffee in the girls asshole, drinks it out with a straw, vomits in her pussy, fucks her, and then she sucks his dick (and swallows).
Random Man Whore: Dude this girl Rachel gave me a Dutch Coffee just for saying she didn't have too much make up on!
by Lobster Bisque March 07, 2015
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marajuana, pot, etc. so named because in coffee shops in holland, you are allowed to smoke as much marajuana as you want, as long as it is not mixed at all with tobacco.
Dutch guy: hey, want to go het some dutch coffee to smoke at the shop?
other Dutch guy: sure man, lets pick some up in that alley near the college.
by Ana Bieze September 17, 2008

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