boy/girl to refer to one who has the uncanny ability to show certain class and sophistocation.
once experienced an embarssing moment just to see what it feels like. this man was a Dustyn
by truthteller626 January 17, 2011
Top Definition
A persistent boy. Once he has his eyes set on a girl, he will not give up. Though he may flirt with other girls, he will always have this one girl in mind. He is charming and cute, and can always make people laugh.
Friend 1: Dustyn was hitting on me today!

Friend 2: Don't get your hopes up. He only has eyes for one girl.
by sayyoulikeme April 30, 2012
A beautiful goddess that all the boys want. She has a fantastic personality and a huge rack, and is very down to earth yet sexy as fuck. you want a dustyn.
"Oh dude, should I ask out Dustyn?" "YA DUDE SHES SO HOTT!" "I hope she says yes."
by foreverapenis January 15, 2013
lesbian who doesn't stop following his/her friends around
"Wow, this boy/girl is following us..."
"Maybe she's a Dustyn"
by dustynisaskankkkk May 18, 2008

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