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Dusten is an extremely attractive male. He has a very large penis and girls love him no matter what. Dustens are shunned but are still amazingly popular they love to sing draw act and dance . Dustens fall in love very easy. He's great in bed ,and an outstanding kisser ..

If you ever have a Dusten try to get with you take him now he's the best you can get.
Did you see that cute New guy?

Yeah he's such a Dusten!!!
by zombie121596 September 25, 2014
a total man whore. Dustens are usually gay but try to pretend like they aren't. Dustens also have something about them that makes you want to fuck them. Dustens like to eat cunts. they are gay ass mofo's that chase after whores they act like such douches!!
person 1: do you see that total man whore over there?
person 2: yeah he is such a man whore!
person 1: i know but theres just something about him!... Dusten is his name right?
person 2: yeah most guys called a man whore are Dustens
by WiLdFiRe12321 November 10, 2010
adj. To describe someone who has gotten jizzed on their back while passed out from drinking. Usually happens after the person projectile vomits.
Oh man you really got dustened last night after throwing up on those couches.
by Scott Brogan October 15, 2006
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