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A person foretold to bring about the end of evil in the world. This name is a combination of two sanskrit words:

"Dusht" - meaning - Evil
"anth" - meaning - End

It was also the name of a very brave and loved king of India who was also known for his eternal love story with the woman he loved named Shakuntala.
Dude, he is totally a dushyant! The other day a group of guys were harassing those girls and he totally beat the shit out of them. Infact he even went home with one of the girls!!
by dark wanderer February 19, 2013
Dushyant or Dushyanta was a great king in classical Indian literature and mythology. He is the husband of Shakuntala and the father of the Emperor Bharat.
Dushyant is a great guy
by Hello00000 February 03, 2010
An incredibly derogatory term for individuals of Indian descent who think that they are black. Indian equivelent of Wigger.
Person A: Whatchoo talkin bout? Us Indians are just like our dark skinned brothas!

Person B: You're a dumb Dushyant, go and eat some curry.
by KRDuffy August 31, 2010
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