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Dating guru. One who has incredible luck with the ladies and tries to impart his wisdom onto the less fortunate.
Anytime it's happy hour, bring Chad. He's a duru and there'll be ladies crowded around in no time!
by The Righteous Huntster Co. October 08, 2010
1. The anti Guru
2. The Guru of doing, the do guru
That duru does what he preaches
Learn by example from the duru
by go duru January 28, 2011
A) The name for someone who is of a difficult nature.

B) An example of how a situation could always be worse.

C) The winning move in an arguement

D) To define a severe feeling of dread

E) A concept of time and travel.

F) Someone who uses your work and takes credit for it and won't help you in return.

G) Someone with little or no tact, lacking in subtlety, likes to point out the obvious.
A) Bob: I took these jeans back to the shop, the woman wouldn't give me a refund.
Jeff: what a complete duru.

B) Bob: I've just been dumped, my cars broken down, I'm going to lose my home now that I've lost my job and my cat has aids.

Jeff: It could be worse, you could be duru.

Bob: thanks man.

C) Bob: You are quite clearly wrong, you have no right to say such things about me.
Jeff: I play the duru card.
Bob: damn.

D) Bob: what's wrong Jeff?

Jeff: I've got an interview, complete Duru situation.

E) Bob: She's late again.
Jeff: Nah, she's just running on Duru time.

F) Bob: Can I be a Duru and copy your work, I'm going to get pwn3d.

G) Bob: Jeff, I don't like how you are doing that, do it the way we always do it or else.
Jeff: God, you're such a Duru today.
by LFTW May 16, 2009
A sexy hot person that a girl lucila will usually fall in love with
this is not good looks like that lucila is with a duru
by Grace pizzal December 13, 2011
she is a beautiful girl that is the bestest friend u could have! she is hot and cleaver.
oh my god this girl is so duru
by awesomepatato January 21, 2015
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