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Durka Dur is a sentence coming from a few episodes from the cartoon South Park.
In some episodes there are a group of "rednecks" who got their job taken, and yell randomly "They took our jobs!!".
But every next person to say this sentence starts saying it more and more with a "redneck" accent, and at the end the sentence sounds like "Durka dur!!"

This gig returns randomly, when at a certain episode they rephrase "They took our jobs!!" to "They took his dog!!" or "They broke his jaw!!", but still always ends with "Durka dur!!"
Redneck 1: "They took our jobs!!"
Redneck 2: "They took er jerbs!!"
Redneck 3: "Der took er jerbs!!"
Redneck 4: "Der ter durr!!"
Redneck 5: "Durka Dur!!"
by SuzukiSwiftSport November 29, 2009
A more southern " hick " word that is expressed with showing/supporting a certain subject.
"From South Park"

"They took our jobs!"
by Sypth March 18, 2006
A rarely used Arab word that roughly translates to: "I am a huge homoesexual, why do I say this word? It makes no sense. I am a fag and my existence is null and void."
"I said Durka Dur today... the realization that my existence is a burden on my soul and the souls of everyone around me. End my life."

Person 1: "Ohhhhh!! Durka Dur"
Person 2: "Ohhh chunka jihad!!!!!!"
Person 3: "Ohhh lordy, so rowdy."
Person 2: "Guy. Serious. Lets end our lives."
Person 1: "Ahhh very nice, very nice!!!"
by Dr. Kickass May 12, 2006
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