a hairy ape like creature that is allways wereing cloths from hot topic ad thinking its fitting in with popular girl
durdle dah
by rumpraper69 April 03, 2011
Top Definition
To stand around and do nothing; taking a long time doing an action or set of actions and accomplishing nothing. wasting time
All you do is durdle. Quit your durdling and pass your turn
by Gmpo August 01, 2012
A person who takes a long time to complete a very simple task, generally during online games or card games.
"Jesus Christ dude, just cast the spell you durdle.
by KRiMzJ May 10, 2012
English, Anglo-Saxon word which means "to pierce" and is a name that goes back thousands of years. All those who are blessed and worthy possess the name Durdle.
Durdle Door is a geographical wonder in England

Yeah I got my ear durdled yesterday

I will durdle all up on your face if your not careful
by Administration October 15, 2006
One who takes part in the act of 'Durdling'.
Did you see that warrior stand in the fire? What a Durdle...
by Pwner of Durdles March 21, 2011
A nice, hardworking person
That guy is a durdle, he volenteers at the hospital
by Administration October 15, 2006
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