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person residing in Durago, CO who does not shower has no idea what a hair cut is and hates tourist. Has a tendency to live life blazed with no care in the world....other than fresh power
Don't anger the Durangatangs on the slopes.
by HitFreshies February 21, 2008
1) A US citizen residing in Durango Colorado. 2) One with no ambition, no job, long hair, and no idea what to do with mounds of money.
Two Durangatangs sat at the coffee shop taking about the evils of nixon, what to do about split ends, and how to change the oil on their Hummers.
by Mikee Mike February 05, 2004
The action of putting sticking a dildo on your forehead
"Look John's pulling a durangatang!!!"
by Da Irish Sensation July 19, 2005
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