a darling, a witty, amusing friend
You would cheer up if you had a dunya to talk to
by gabriel August 21, 2003
Top Definition
In Islamic terminology, the Arabic word dunya means this world — and its earthly concerns and possessions — as opposed to more spiritual realms, or the hereafter.
"It's just another day in the Dunya." -MF Doom
by Zbence January 02, 2008
to be intouch with all thing sassy trendy and down right sleek.
You are like soo dunya.
"your satin sheets are so dunya. ding don baby"
by sexy man November 26, 2003
a word made up by a girl who doesn't have any other words in her vocabulary to call people. all you can say is so much potential.. such a waste ;)
Lena, and rest of the dunya family.
by Drizzle123 August 19, 2011
d-uhn-ya: a foul smell resembling a concoction of doodie, onions, and tuna, on a hot day.
dude, your breathe smells like dunya
by goddy June 28, 2005
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