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Italo-American word used to define a person who is an idiot and has absolutely no clue at what he/she are saying or doing.
Person1: you have an inferior complex and are promoting the downfall to the hockey league.

Person2: What? Why don't you stop being a dunsky before I crack your head with a hockey stick.
by BIG BOSS November 16, 2004
119 20
Having absolutely nothing left in the tank. The act of being completely and totally done.
Stick a fork in 'em, they are Dunskies.
by Anthony "BearTrap" Fazio November 05, 2005
50 4
to be super done, an overly finished product. the ultimate limit of anything that can be acheived. anything more and the world would explode.
yo, did u see that mac tood hit that tree at 120 mphs, his ass is dunsky.
by Charlz March 30, 2004
18 29
A person living at the peak of and beyond their natural ability. As have most of the Dunsky men and woman since the 1500's throughout Europe.
After scoring a perfect 2400 on his SAT's Chad said, "I realy Dunskyed those boards".

Having just had great sex she said, "What a Dunsky that was"!
by wind writter October 27, 2009
6 18
To be high/fucked up beyond belief.
Person 1: You down to smoke an ounce of some blueberry kush tonight?

Person 2: Haha you tryin' to get dunsky?
Person 1: Damn I cant believe we just packed the bong 10 times, I cant even see straight.

Person: Fuck it pass me the 2 bars i'm about to get dunsky.

by mDeezy March 06, 2008
7 20
over, done, finished, refering to excessiveness to one activity, to high to fly, to drunk to drive (used in nor cal central vallley)
"dog,u wanna nother hit?" "no, i'm dunsky"
by nelson / nor-cal March 07, 2004
11 24
The epitomy of being finished or done.
Your cut off, its over your "dunsky".
by Phil tha Philosipher December 23, 2005
5 19