Plays god in dungeons and dragons, an nerd on a power trip
jim: We were plowing through the goblins, so the dungeon master gave us 12 red dragons, an insanely complex trap that not even jesus could disable, and a blighted rat.

chris: Now if he would only put that much effort into his social life.
by ThroatSlit March 13, 2006
A man who enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and wears green trackpants, but frequently brings home dirty hoebags and pounds them like a champ.
Nino: How do you keep getting all these bitches?
Aaron: Fuck man, Im the Dungeonmaster!
Jeff: Do you like to give Tony Danza's ?
Aaron: Fuck yeah
by Aaron Argenti November 28, 2004
Luke Bodenheimer.
Luke you were the DM last week!
by dj February 04, 2004
In a typical game of dungeons and dragons as defined by Lamia and other wonderful people thanks to their anti-pythian crusades, this word is a synonym for "bitch who never has any fun"
Gee, Maria. I'm sorry your boyfriend is always a Dungeon Master, but he really just needs to loosen up!
by Gorth December 16, 2004

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