Computer\console game serries from 1985, ported to over 10 systems a basic pseudo 3d game(like classic Wolfenstine 3d or Doom) but in a D&D setting.
Also title used in 3 of the 5 games relased comerically for the serries.
Dungeon master for the Atari ST, Amiga computer, Dos. Last comerical game in serries: Dungeon Master Nexus a Japanese only true 3d game for Sega Saturn.
Lives on today in projects like Return to Chaos(RTC) and Chaos Strikes back for Windows(CSB4win).
by ParuNexus June 06, 2005
In a typical game of dungeons and dragons as defined by Lamia and other wonderful people thanks to their anti-pythian crusades, this word is a synonym for "bitch who never has any fun"
Gee, Maria. I'm sorry your boyfriend is always a Dungeon Master, but he really just needs to loosen up!
by Gorth December 16, 2004
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