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Dumqueef: (N) A person who lacks the common sense to see something that is in plain sight, or something that is obvious. Usually used as a insult.

Dumqueef: (V) To make a woman queef in an awkward manner

Dumqueef: (Adv) Used to express emphasis on an action, usually implies an exhorbant ammount, or difference.
(N): You dumqueef! That's not weed that's mistletoe!
(V): I dumqueefed your old lady, and it smelled like fish.
(Adv): You bitch slapped your ho so dumqueefingly fast, her weave fell out!
#dumbqueef #cool #sick #sweet #queef #sex #genius #smart
by B-Nuck, Den15, and Hirunoko October 17, 2007
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