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The perfectly transcendent philosophical belief, that all people, regardless of belief system, world view, faith, etc. all sentient beings enjoy a good dump. Dumpism is hailed as one of the most powerful uniting forces among not only all human cultures, but all sentient beings - possibly among extraterrestrial life (who must also eject waste, assuming they are matter based beings).
Islamo-Fascist: Despite the fact that western culture is forcefully assimilating my people, I must admit we all still enjoy a good dump.
Nihilist: Despite the fact that nothing is of any meaning to me whatsoever, I also enjoy a good dump. Apparently we both believe in Dumpism!
Islamo-Fascist: Thank Allah for Dumpism!
Nihilist: Whatever.
by Edward Lazzarin & Mark Povich February 22, 2007

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