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The act of unintentionally spraying diarrhea from ones anus in the shower. The act is triggered when the sprayer applies force to expel gas from his or her bowels. However the sprayer, during the gas expulsion process, is unaware that massive amounts of liquid feces will eject from said anus. The sprayer is relatively ashamed and in a mild state of panic, however given the privacy and running water, the sprayer knows everything will be alright.
Rich: "whats up bro?"
Dave: "Dude, I just did a 'dumphrey' when i was gettin ready to go on my date with Sandy."
Rich: "Bro, thats nasty...Sandy? Who the hell is Sandy?"
Dave: "She my shuga momma"
Rich: "Cool...but what happened to Dennis?"
by R.M. Decembrist April 13, 2008
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