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When you're taking a dump in a stall, and another guy takes a dump right in the stall next to you. There are three (3) stalls, but he chooses that one.

Not only that, but he waits until you're done with your business before he leaves. Because nobody wants to show their faces after a dump. That would be office suicide.

So anyway, you're rushed, because you need to finish, and also - you're nervous when you're washing your hands, that he'll come out, and you'll know who the Dump Creeper was.

But in any case, he'll ruin your entire dump experience, you can be sure of that.
#1) Dude, my regularly scheduled Monday morning 10am dump was spoiled by some really bad Dump Creeper.

#2) Man, I think it was Elliott. He loves doing that.
by halpwr July 23, 2012
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