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When an older man ejaculates either on, or inside of a younger woman, but more specifically man. Its origin goes back to the series of Harry Potter books in which Professor Dumbledore (A flambouyant gay yet masterful wizard. It only makes sense, he loves phalic shaped items such as a wand or mans penis.)falls for a young boy who the books are named after. In an unpublished version of Harry Potter, Dumbldore repeated masturbates into Harrys face, which is were Dumblesauce comes from. As he convinces Harry that drinking his semen with make him into a powerfull wizard, the egoic boy promtly asks for more dumblesauce. That being said, people have adopted it as a slang term for their semen, even some who are neither old or gay, not to mention wizards.
"Please sir, can I have some more... Dumblecause?"

"Forest ejaculated all over Kelsy's face, and as she licked it up, she said "Forest, come on, give me more Dumblesauce!""
by Jesus Christ v214 February 26, 2009
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