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A person who cant really do anything right.
A dumb blonde is some one who has had enough of life and decides to hang herself and then a guy walks into the park and asks why she is hanging by her waist? she said that she tried to hang herself, he said then shouldnt the rope go around your neck?? she said i tried but then i couldnt breathe.
A blonde who is dumb (in other words, a blonde). Also see: "Redundant."
Paris Hilton is a dumb blonde.
by Sylocat October 16, 2007
Someone who can't do anything without messing it up. Dumb blondes are never natural blondes. Most can't spell, write, read, or do anything educated. Most also can't drive
Mimi McClatchy is a dumb blonde.
by J Criv April 11, 2007
a girl who looks absolutely gorgeous, great figure, great legs, nice blonde hair (usually bleached). Yet there's something about the peroxide because she just seems to have no sence at all. A lot of guys want to date her and bag her but you can't really "fuck her brains out" if there's nothing up there. She often has a totally blank spaced out look on her pretty face, she is so "out there in the ozone layer" but her looks and vacant air of sexuality may get her around in life (look at some of the entertainment industry's biggest stars today), yet her IQ may be so room temperature that she may not know or comprehend where you "plug it in". Someone may have to tell her. An absolutely vapid dizz. A bad example for females growing up.
1. Because I'm blonde, I don't have to think
I talk like a baby and I never pay for drinks
Don't have to worry about gettin' a man
If I keep this blonde and I keep these tan

'Cause I'm a blonde, yeah yeah yeah!
'Cause I'm a blonde, yeah yeah yeah!

I see people workin', it just makes me giggle
'Cause I don't have to work, I just have to jiggle
'Cause I'm blonde, B-L-O-N-D
'Cause I'm a blonde, don't you wish you were me?

'Cause I'm blonde, nyah nyah nyah!
'Cause I'm a blonde, nyah nyah nyah! ...

I took an IQ test and I flunked it, of course
I can't spell VW, but I got a Porsche
'Cause I'm a blonde, B-L-I-N-D!
'Cause I'm a blonde, don't you wish you were me? ...

Girls think I'm snotty and maybe its true
With my hair and body, you would be too
'Cause I'm a blonde, B-L... I don't know!
'Cause I'm a blonde, yeah yeah yeah!
'Cause I'm a blonde, yeah yeah yeah!
'Cause I'm a blonde, yeah yeah yeah! - JULIE BROWN

2. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are ditzy dumb blondes.

3. Earlier this century, Britney Spears said that we must all stand together behind the President no matter what he says or does. Need I say anymore?

4. I dated a girl with bleached hair in college. She's got knowledge and refinement but she is quite an airhead, an educated fool. She'd tell me, the professor of the class we were in together and practically everyone we ran into on a date her life story and all the things me and her did. What do ya know?


Q: How did the dumb blonde correct a mistake on a report on her computer?

A: She used Wite-Out on the computer screen!

6. I like women of all hair colors. Not every blonde woman is a dumb blonde.
a young woman that has blonde hair and has a very stupid personality
WOW, hannah is such of a dumb blonde
by Rachaelisthecoolest February 21, 2009
A girl who is very stupid. Usally from the upper middle class, or first class. A girl whose dad gets her everything. OH ya! also is very unintelligant, and stupid. Everyone loves the girl, she is the most popular girl in the school. Yet what no one notices is, she is actually very smart on the inside, for if she wasn't she wouldn't be able to manage the whole school. AnDD the girl usally has a ginaromous mansion, shops from Juicy Coture every other day. Usually love hell more than Heaven.
Danny: Yo dawg see da girl over there?
Tom: U mean emily? The dumb blonde?
Danny: ya... her dad owns the Northshore International Enterrpieses
Tom: wtf is that?

Danny: The own Home Depot and Apple
Tom: so?
Danny: She can see inside any of our houses cuz her daddy planted cameras inside of all the towns appliances, bought from home depot.
Tom: But shes stupid
Danny: Not as stupid as may think... She has watched naughty things....
by DannyykOgan October 27, 2011
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