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Dukes, the Golden Child from the MMORPGs Maisemore and Teut made by Crazed Monkeys!
Have you seen Dukes today? He's got the blingy gold clothes on!
by Ella March 11, 2005
5 27
A gender-neutral/gender-queer/transgender parent; a parent who does not feel completely male or female
J doesn't feel comfortable being called "mom" or "dad" because s/he doesn't feel as though s/he fits the mold of any one gender; therefore, hir kids call hir "Dukes".
by Nik June 03, 2004
7 29
A female that has a large amount of ass
"Look at dat female, don't she got duke?!
by LIL John aka Johnathan February 05, 2004
7 29
The indicators on a cell phone or other electronic device showing strength of signal (dukes) or remaining battery (power dukes).
"I'll just say I had no dukes when she called - so she doesn't think I'm ignoring her."
by KebLu July 17, 2005
24 47
a term or meaning of a stupid person...
"whats up wit dem dukes?"
by Antino Hopkins November 12, 2007
1 25
ones anus
Lindsey loves taking it in the duke.
by Dahulk19 September 06, 2003
20 44
An African American male piping your girlfriend/wife while you are at work.
Where's Kelly? She's with Duke.
by Real Larry May 07, 2007
4 29