A phrase used when something of great ecxellence is hapening. Usually followed by pointing one finger to the ground and twirling it.
Two guys walk into a bar. A hot chick goes up to one of the guys and asks if he wants head. He would look at his friend, say duh and spin his finger towards the ground.
by Big Chew June 23, 2005
Duh: Whats the last name of Mr.Duh?
Duh2: Duh!!!!!!
by pseupseu April 11, 2011
"He's such a duh!"
by iReallydontcareanymore May 13, 2009
something that is always said in between words when asians people talk
Duh today i duh learn a little bit oh duh engliet language but duh teacher gimme duh bad grade. Im so duh sad man ;_;
by iloveduhcocks August 07, 2009
a bay area slang term asking if the person receiving the phrase wants to have sex
Person A: That party was rad

Person B: Duh

Person A: Duh

Person B: Pee on it
by j <3 s June 12, 2008
of course, naw dip sherlock!
"How do you solve this math problem?"
by Michael Jackson For Real May 23, 2008
another word for weed, or smoking weed,or the very obvious fact that you are about to smoke, or as a greeting for friends who know that they are going to smoke routinely at certain times or just whenever, only only only used in Maryland, people not from the area probably will not understand it's context
Q"yooo tryin' to duh??"

"i wanna get some duh"

"im duh'd homie"

friend #1 on phone "DUH!"
friend #2 on phone "DUH!"
*hang up*

^^the above conversation achieved the fact that these friends are going to meet and smoke at a designated area and time, or right away
by HQEWQS October 06, 2007

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