Patently obvious to the most casual observer.

Gergles: I'm getting older.
Sasquatch: Duh. And uglier.

by sousi November 13, 2006
A male breeder, the husband of Moo. Short for "Duhddy," like "Dad" is short for "Daddy." So-called because they often have a slack-jawed, retard-like expression as they stand around in public, unable to control their rampaging crotchfruit. This expression also appears when strangers, sometimes but not always childfree, fail to properly worship the Golden Child.
That Duh just stood around and smiled like a moron while his little fucktrophies tried to climb over my fence and tease my dog.
by Miz Daisy Cutter April 16, 2006
The sound a retard makes.

1. Used to indicate that something is so obvious that even a retard could figure it out.

2. Shorthand for, “How did I not think of that? I am such an idiot!”
Duh! What was I thinking?
by Maldoven July 07, 2011
A basic unit of measurement of human stupidity. One "duh" is a single unit of stupidity, for example, misplacing your keys would be approximately one duh. Due to the large amounts of stupidity present in the world, more practical units are megaduhs(10^6) or gigaduhs(10^9). Still larger units such as exaduhs(10^18) or yottaduhs(10^24) are more appropriate for measuring stupidity on a global level.
George Bush's tenure would have to be measured in yottaduhs.
by kpatz January 23, 2009
The word Duh is also used to show an evidence. Something that someone is stupid to not know.It is more used in french. Here is an exemple:
A: Hey, I wanted to use my two bucks to buy this, but I can't find my cash in my pocket !

B: Duh! You used it to buy a hot-dog, remember ?
by '-.RubySoho.-' January 02, 2006
it means obviously... like, when someone says something you know already, something evident... --often used sarcastically--
- do you like chocolate?
- DUH!
- do you like that hot guy over there?
- DUH!
by alejandreska August 06, 2006
explained properly by my 3 year old niece to her father.
So the other day Josephine said, "Duh Dad."

I asked her what "Duh" meant and she said that "Duh is when we have an argument and then I say Duh...and then I win the argument."
She's a genius.
by Smile4rhonda June 08, 2010
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