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An amazing and powerful clan on the world of Wii Wifi Call of Duty. This clan happens to be undefeated and still recruiting.
The Duft clan destroyed <edk Dark> on the field of battle.
by Pythagoras77.7767 April 25, 2011
A great clan on the world of Wii WiFi. They happen to be undefeated in clan battles and are still recruiting. Members of the <edk clan should convert to duftism.
The Duft clan destroyed the <edk Dark> on the field of battle.
by Pythagoras77 April 25, 2011
Derogatory name for the city of Delft (Holland). Also used to refer to a person from Delft.
It's time for yet another fruitless visit to Duft. (Ned.: "Tijd voor weer een vruchteloos bezoekje aan Duft.")

Oh, it was easy; even the Dufts were up to the task. (Ned.: "O, het was makkelijk zat; zelfs de Duften konden het aan.")
by LeidscheLenny March 16, 2011
Pine needles, leaves, dirt and the like that accumulate outside.
There's a lot of duft on the trail today.
by michaelfaith June 03, 2014
the liquid that comes out when a female reaches the climate of her sexual plessure. used to describe some next schmelt that smells like poo.
Ex. Carl: "hey corbett, you're duft!"
by call4chop April 06, 2011
Vaginal Discharge. Vaginal Leakage.
"She had duft all over her."
by Rich Patterson June 11, 2007