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An Über fluky dudely/dudette, that drinks to the point of being a problem for others. He/she somehow gets girls/dudes even though they either have a pencil for a penis or the chesapeake bay tunnel for a SNATCH. Aswell as being a drinker, they have terrible hair cuts, and think that they rule every city they find their way into.

Can be used as a Noun or Verb.

Drinks of choice: Fortays (40's), Vodka in a 2 liter, or colt 45
Music: Bad Euro-trash House stuff
Permanent residence: Ocean City, MD or NJ
1. dude one: "Dude, why the fuck did we bring brent.... he is duff braining so hard tonight... it's funkin' ruining my night."

dude two: "I know, it's my bad, but you won't have to see him again till next summer."

2. dudette one: "Ugh, you are way to drunk Brittany, you are a funkin' duff brain and you even knew I wanted that kid..."

dudette two: "OMGEEZ WTF alls I was gonna do was willis with him all night."
by brew thru her August 29, 2012
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