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The name Duelund is the only name you will never be able to find explanation for.

It's origin is unknown to mankind, and with good reason. A Duelund can be compared to a Myth, a Hero, an unseen glorious time of which reasonableness no longer exists.
A Duelund is the greatest of great; the best of best and the most awesome awesomeness.
Imagination; that's what it takes to experience the true Duelund.

He is the phenomenon amongst us that makes the world spin, the day go by and the stone drop to the ground. He is everything!
Obama to God one friday night: "Did you just run into Duelund?"
God: "Nah I AM Duelund"'

On the womens toilet:
"I got such amazing sex last night, that my world is still spinning"
"You got a Duelund, didn't you?"

One mailman to another:
"Do you know Duelund?"
"""Duelund"? -Never heard of it..."
"NEVER HEARD OF HIM!? -He is your creator, your zen-zai, your karma, your luck, your everything!...NEVER HEARD OF HIM!!?? - You are in big trouble now!"
-But not to worry - cause a Duelund takes care of everyone - even the ones with short-term memory and tatoos.
by Slupermand February 17, 2010
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