When you are in a stall and someone walks in to the stall next to yours and he farts then you fart to see who has louder farts. You go until nobody can fart anymore and the loudest fart wins.
I was in the stall taking a dump and the kid next to me farted so apparently he wanted to throw down. We started Dueling Dragons
by Chris Jarvis33333 October 13, 2010
Top Definition
When one is so sick, that they proceed to projectile vomit and diarrhea at the same time.
I ate some bad chicken and I was up until 4am last night dueling dragons!
by Sensei666 May 01, 2016
A double Rugby Shot. A shot of tequila in which you first snort a line of salt into each nostril, then take two shots of tequila, and finally finish by squeezing a lime into both eyes.
Phil was blinded, could not breath through his nose, and was drooling uncontrollably after doing a Dueling Dragons.
by TerdFerguson9 February 04, 2011
When two men collide boners and cum.
Am i Gay for Dueling Dragons? Nope not at all
by Master Of Dueling Dragons September 19, 2011
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