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the orgiastic, testosterone-fueled display by straight men when their sports team wins or makes an unbelievable longshot, marked by back-smacking hugs, high-fives, head butting and body slamming. synonymous with fervent cheering or rooting.
usage: (wife #1) "my husband had a dudegasm when the Lakers won the championship."
by Brian Klotz February 09, 2005
29 3
When a man is overwhelmed with emotion when he encounters an unbelievably exciting situation or incident.
Man, I had a total dudegasm over free beer during monday night football!
by meme is funny April 28, 2009
8 0
When someone gets so excited that they say "dude, this was so...!" and they proceed to descibe something in a way that only they, annoyingly enough, can understand. They get excited to the point where they jizz in their pants.
"Hey dude, did you hear about the new ride at Carowinds? dude, i heard it's so awesome dude, we gotta ride it, dude! dude,dude,dude!!!!! i just had a Dudegasm!!! Omg!!!
by dudeyodude September 17, 2009
3 0