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Dude-tang is a description of a male who is over sixteen but younger than you and is hot like lava in the microwave.

Any particularly handsome lad over sixteen can be classed as Dude-tang, except red heads. Ranga-tang is almost unheard of bar a few well known cases e.g Rupert Grint

Dude-tang is rarely achieved but often lusted over.

Twin Dude-tang or multiple brothers who are all Dude-tang are Bro-tang and older men are just plain Tangy.
Damn, that 17 year old at McDonalds is some prime Dude-tang!
by LibDog February 23, 2010
When a guy calls a hot chick from a distance ,that upon further inspection turns out to be a man
"Check out that hottie on that far dock!" he exclaimed.Thats no hottie,his friend replies, thats a dude with a mullet,you just called dudetang.
by Josh Sitko June 23, 2004

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