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Duck Dance is a name from the hit game Runescape. Duck Dance is associate with the best trolling known to man. Some would say he is infact powered by a robot that goes around with the purpose of trolling. His life is dedicated to pushing people to the max and laughing all the way through. Some would say his trolling is so epic that Jagex had to force the name on him. When the phrase Duck Dance is heard, many should think of this man. For when February 2012 hits, he will no longer be Duck Dance. (That's when Fagex has allowed my, I mean his name to change).
"What's up Duck Dance?"
"My guess with your time spent on this game, your cholesterol and chances of never having sex in your lifetime.trollololololololol"
"I just been trolled by Duck Dance, I should go /wrists"
by Duck Fucking Dance September 05, 2011
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