A small, round eigth grade kid who thinks he's soooo hot by insulting upperclassmen.

Not to be mistaken for a large pile of shit or a giant ambulatory penis. Both are prettier than him.
That duckboy is getting on my nerves so, bad...Rossi, go buy a duck call...
by Raverrn September 18, 2003
Top Definition
Boy of Unusually Small Size; One Who Chases Ducks, And Duck Murdering Boy
Whats the deal with that Duck Boy over there, ohhh leave that duck alone Duck Boy
by JohnnysGun October 14, 2003
a duck boy is a boy who feels and acts like he is amazing but everyone else doesn't think so
he walks around like a duck boy
by whatsername31 March 29, 2015
Shaun Hussey's technique
Shaun's way of finding babes with BACON STRIPS!!
by Brittnei Rawson March 07, 2005
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