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4 definitions by jad1965

Vietnamese Fore Play
How much to gobble de gook
by JAD1965 December 03, 2009
3 2
Males with extreme genetic ear and lip traits.
That guys a real Monkey Duck Boy
by jad1965 November 07, 2009
2 1
Playing scrabble with your cousin online, she hasn't said anything funny in ages and you need a pee, so you just gotta take a SOCIAL WALK
Tracy wouldn't let her self go with her sense of humour and so I had to take a SOCIAL WALK
by JAD1965 November 14, 2009
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The trauma associated with being put into foster care with a female who has no idea what planet she is actually living on, who makes you cringe on a daily basis with ther witterings.
I had a FOSTER SCARE today, my carer asked if I needed to talk about sex.
by JAD1965 November 14, 2009
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