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The absolute and ultimate insult; which is also used to replace the words fuck and dick.
Example 1: "Go duck yourself, motherducker!"

Example 2: "Suck my duck!"

Example 3:

P1: "you're a whore"
P2: "your mums a whore"
P1: "your face is a whore"
P2: "well your face is a duck"
P1: *starts crying* "thats too far man!"
by BlakSh33p May 17, 2009
11 14
A duck is a wholly wonderful creature. They also say "quack"
Duck: "Quack..."
by Simon April 12, 2004
1973 638
meaning a girl who thinks shes cute, but shes really ugly as hell... or a males female friends...
eww ayo shes a duck!!
oh dat must of been one of ya ducks, cause u took to long!!!
by Tee4125 May 14, 2006
984 684
Something to do if Dick Cheney is around.

"No, Quail!"
by J.M.R.x2 April 24, 2006
892 606
A herb, dork, geek, nerd, etc.

also) pussy, wimp, loser
You are a fucking duck.
by John Smif March 24, 2006
725 561
To avoid something you really dont want to do.
I,m going to duck that meeting as I have something much more interesting planned!
by hugabug March 14, 2006
374 286
That thing you yell after you see somebody get hit in the head.
Person A: *gets smacked in the head by a football*
Person B: "...DUCK!"
by Soupy September 21, 2006
428 348
A group of ugly broads
"Jay,you go to the club last night?"

"Yea,wasnt nothin but ducks there,so i went over melyssa house to get a deluxe"

"Sho Nuff"
by Jayzahn November 25, 2004
145 78