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a 22 millimeter hand gun aka duce duce
Yo Man I Was Kickin It Wit Money Before Right And THese Niggas Rolled Up And Pulled Out A Duce Duce Right And Money Jus Whiped Out The Ak And Shot Dem Niggas Up Yo Money Is Crazy Like That
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
46 82
.22 caliber handgun
My brother gave me a Duce Duce.
by Ches January 17, 2003
211 33
a .22 caliber handgun or rifle
walk up on them with a duce duce
by john October 24, 2004
109 37
A 22. Handgun/Rifle.
The silly mother fucker pulls out a duce duce.
by Fr0g March 01, 2009
70 23
Twenty-two caliber handgun, small comcealable fire arm,5 or 6 shot revolver.
Hey nigger are you bringing your duce-duce to the party, said Fred.
by concrete Doug May 09, 2006
20 13
noun-22 inch wheels
I got that new benz truck sittin on duce duces.
by Jay January 24, 2004
11 7
A twenty-two ounce can of beer.
Dude, while you're in there, pick me up a Duce-Duce as a road pop!
by John E. November 12, 2002
27 77