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Dubey- 1.Word used in an awkward situation where u may not know what to say, or during an awkward silence.2. Also can be used as a form of greeting or to express excitement. 3.May also be used when there is something very mean that could be...... said, but you do not want to hurt the persons feelings.
Example 1. "Jozef, i just dont know why he doesnt like me, do u think i'm not pretty or good enough" "Dubey...?" Example 2. "yo ryno she totally wants u" "Dubeyyyyyyyyyyy" Example 3. "Greg, who do u think is a better kisser, me or your X?" "Dubey..."
by J-dubey December 08, 2010
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Synonym for Boss

known for having a constant flow of cash, so much so that a Dubey may also be called Cash Flow by others
dude look at Dubey over there, dudes got Cash Flow like you wouldnt believe
by The Original Dubey August 03, 2010

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