yet another slang term for marijuana joints.
Dan- You got some of those dubbys man?
Junior- Ya, make sure you dont get taxed this time.
Dan- Sorry bra, but them girls were fat ass tita.
by Kailua boy January 31, 2004
Short for "dumb subby" or "dumb submitter". Originated on 2/20/2010.
Man gets away after robbing a Radio Shack. Which is odd, as dubby thought you had to give your address for every transaction
by Phil McKraken2 February 20, 2010
dubby: something or someone that is very good
yes bob your trainers are "dubby"

by tekka November 09, 2003
to give someone a ride on your bicycle
I really want to go to this gig with you rachel so seeing as you cant be bothered to move,, ill give you a dubby
by rachels friend November 03, 2008

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