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An indian (from India, not Native American). Pokes fun at the stereotype of the sounds in their language
A lot of dubba dubba's own 7-elevens.
by socitytable September 25, 2003

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Any size breast larger then a D cup.
Kate has dubba dubba's worthy of chloroform
by Mr. Lubba Lubba December 27, 2005
A Dubba is a cute numma} frwend.
A Dubba dubba is the bigger furrier type of the
numma Fwrends. n.

To Dubba Dubba is to wander all around whatevering all over the place. v.
Look at the Dubbs - to a cute puppy.
Look at the Dubba! - same cute puppy. (n.)

No wonder you didn't find the shop you were too busy dubba dubbing everywhere.
by Lawdawg April 12, 2004