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Used by the Street Racing crowd of DuBois, Pennsylvania. We commonly call the town, Dub-City.
Welcome to Dub-City aka DuBois, PA
by S.Marshall November 20, 2007
A frequently used name for Dublin City, Ireland
"I'm going into Dub City to get langered" or "In fair Dub City..."
by Little Langers August 23, 2008
(Adj.) Huge fail
Guy1: "I tried getting this girls number, but she told me that I should go and get a life"
Guy2: "Dub City.."

Guy1: " It was windy, so I decided to get my hat from the car trunk. When I opened it and reached in, loose papers started flying everywhere. Panicked, my dad slammed the trunk shut on my fingers. Entering the stadium, I discovered it was free hat day."
Guy2: "Dub City"
by Anderson St. Pierre April 05, 2011
Brian Jenkins of Rockingham, North Carolina's black F150
Dub City's got tha bling-bling on the Lexanis, with mad bump from the solobaric. Oh yeah. It pulls puss, too...
by JLWhite December 05, 2003