ridiculous promises or accusations made only because drunk
"I was out drinking with Lollie the other night, and she said she'd drive 15 hours to Florida with me next weekend, but I think that was just drunk talk."
by lizzzzz August 08, 2006
Top Definition
The best talk of them all. Sweet sweet drunk talk. When you're smashed and you're talking about everything and anything.

Coined by Homer Simpson
"When I was driving those bastards home, all I heard was drunk talk"
by your mom March 10, 2003
What happens when you get together with friends, drink and come up with "fabulous" ideas that the next day are totally ridiculous and end up never happening.
My cronies and me decided to skydive naked. Thank God that was just drunk talk.
by Tracey Hartung August 17, 2007
The trash one speaks while drunk.
Girl 1: So what was up with that last night when that chick accidentally spilled her drink on you and were ready to fight? You were talking serious trash to her!

Girl 2: laughs...that was definite drunktalk! I was smashed!
by xxxara January 20, 2008
Some who is intoxicated and doesnt shut the fuck up
1. Billy is smashed and wont shut the fuck up
2. When sally gets drunk she talks like a drunk
3.when i get smashed i pee my pants and talk about it like its a good thing
by Dirty Harry October 06, 2003
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