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When you Facebook while intoxicated and not remembering what you wrote on FaceBook.
Dan woke up in the morning and had to check his FaceBook to make sure he didn't Drunk Book last night.
by CJ1311 January 05, 2010
after a night on the tiles, rather than texting abuse or crap, hit a larger audience by 'drunkbooking' them; drunk messaging via facebook.

mobile phones make it super easy to post facebook updates and wall messages, so get hammered and let rip.
yeah, i got massively krunked and drunkbooked loads of peeps on the drunkbus home
by flynt marco July 29, 2010
(verb) To drunkenly write messages on someone's Facebook Wall.
Man, I was so trashed last night, I drunkbooked all of my friends! I can't even understand what I wrote...
by C_R3 October 25, 2010
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