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Usually a typo of the word 'Drunk.'
You mean't to type Drunk, didn't you?
by Zastro July 10, 2009
1.A japanese translation of the name Dylan, 2.or the dance "The D-Run".
1.Hey look there goes D Run!, 2. Do the D-Run
by Dylan DiMartino July 22, 2006
To have fun doing something when you're drunk, that you wouldn't enjoy sober.
Guy 1: So how was your night last night?
Guy 2: If it wasn't for the tequila, I wouldn't have had any drun at all!
by thethoughtofyou March 02, 2008
A word for the upper class.

Over-done, killed, dried out, very bad.
"This is too drun, I am upset."
by CarlAlbert2 November 30, 2012