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A man with an enthusiastic voice, and a beard that nearly rivals that of Chuck Norris. He could advertise any object and make it seem amazing, no matter how useless it is.
Guy A: Dude, check out what I bought.

Guy B: What is it?

Guy A: A nickel!

Guy B: Huh??

Guy A: Yeah, Billy Mays sold it to me for a dime.

Guy B: ...
by Zastro June 16, 2009
When a person regrets how they have lived his or her life, and they attempt to 'correct' their mental issue in a variety of ways which usually always harms themselves or those closest to them.
Bob: "Hey Tim, how's it going brah?! I just had a revelation. I realize I hate my life up to now and feel like I jumped into this marriage. I'm planning to divorce my wife and am gonna sell this stupid station wagon. Pretty badass huh?"

Tim: "Umm, Bob? You're 47 years old. You've been married for 24 years, have 3 kids and another on the way. And what does brah mean? I think you're having a midlife crisis, you might want to rethink this. I mean you have a plastic hip and a pacemaker!"

Bob: "Nah you're crazy brah, I already asked that hot intern out and put a down payment on a Corvette. Life is gonna be great. And let's keep that pacemaker thing on the downlow."

Tim: "But you'll have to pay child support, alimony, and still have your 'great life' to pay for."

Bob: "Timmy my friend, that's what credit cards are for."

Tim: "Whatever. Enjoy bankruptcy."
by Zastro November 28, 2009
A word used by gamers who are arguing over the internet, often used to frustrate or anger the other person.
Player A: man u suck at counter-strike, i killed u like 40 times in a row!!11

Player B: Next time play me without using your hacks you fucking cheater.

Player A: lolumad?
by Zastro April 07, 2009
When someone is being an ass to you, or is acting very strangely.
Dizz: "Hey Rico, mind if I sit next to you?"

Rico: "Yeah, I mind."

Dizz: "What's your malfunction, Rico?"
by Zastro November 07, 2009
Usually a typo of the word 'Drunk.'
You mean't to type Drunk, didn't you?
by Zastro July 10, 2009

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