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A whole in the ground full of drunks and drugs.
It's a town called Drumheller, in Alberta Canada where the only explantion I can come up with for these drunks is imbreading or the water.

by Not from Drumheller Thank God! March 24, 2007
43 42
A small town in alberta who kicks hanna's ass in every sport.
You hear about the Drumheller titans own the hanna hawks again?
by hanna hater October 27, 2008
54 41
to take a dump and bust your load on somones chest while yelling out the name of your childhood pet
eeww you totally drumhellered on me
by butters88 November 04, 2010
26 16
A valley in the middle of Alberta, where sweet people live, and the drug population is low 85:15 (bitches!). Which helps to make for a wonderful town to raise a family in, providing that you keep your children away from Hanna. As for Hanna, they have weak sports teams that are constantly shit kicked by Drumheller, due to the lack of awesome that isn't found in Hanna water. Drumheller,
Drumheller people: Hanna eats shit.
Hanna people: WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
by no skanks in this town June 27, 2009
37 35
A royally f****d up town. Full of dirty whores, and shitty sports teams. Drumheller sucks dick at every sport out there. Hanna kicks asssss!! Drumheller has extreme amounts of alcohol and drugs. They wish the could be as great as Hanna!
Hanna: wow, drumheller sucks dick
Drumheller: we know :(
by JustAHannaRandom February 22, 2011
21 26
Drumheller has Large amounts of booze, drugs and whores. 80% of 14 year old girls have lost their virginity. Half an hour a way lives the town of Hanna which in comparison kicks ass
Drumheller Girl:wanna go get wasted shoot up and have sex
Hanna dude: get away from me skank.
by Anonymous Hanna DUdE April 28, 2007
35 45