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Describes the actions and appearance of someone under the influence of pills or recreational drugs. Characterized by incoherent speech, a lack of facial muscle control and constant gurning.
Did you see that guy? He was one drugly dude
'You're the drugliest chick in the club.'
by nahor May 19, 2013
The description of a person who is a heavy drug-user and also highly unattractive. Many times, these drugly people will be skanks/manwhores.
Girl at Mall: "Ewww, look at all of the drugly people here. They're disgusting."
by lizzi_lu January 22, 2008
describes the physical appearance of someone who is a heavy user of hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin. characterized by a pale complexion, thin build, and dark marks under eyes. they look corpse-like.
i saw Jim E. Wart and Gherkins the other day and it looks like the singer jimmy is on a lot heroin, he had a very drugly look about him.

the addiction made him look drugly.
by CurvedMirror July 10, 2008
A drug addict that's both ugly on the outside and on the inside
Christine the eating queen use to eat, but now she's a drugly
by Alaskan Pie September 09, 2011
Word used to physically describe a very strung-out, heavy drug user.
Did you see Josh the other day? He was looking very drugly.
by Genevive July 28, 2005
This is when a person is considered so ugly that no individual could be attracted to them even if the individual were intoxicated with alcohol or drugs
Every time Sarah goes to the club she leaves alone because she is so Drugly.
by wordwizzerd November 08, 2010
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